Wedding Caplets for Today's Bride

June 28, 2018 1 min read

Wedding Caplets for Today's Bride

One of the latest trends to grace both the catwalk and the practical bride’s budget is the caplet. A shorter version of a cape, falling no farther than your elbows, but sometimes longer, it allows you to feel like a queen—or Mother of Dragons—at your own wedding without sweeping the floor with a heavy medieval cape.

A lacy or pearl-beaded caplet, like this one could even substitute for a veil, and you could pair it with a coordinating hair vine  instead, leaving your neckline accentuated between the two for all to view from the back as you say your vows.

Beaded Bridal Capelet Long Wedding hair Vine


A lacy, beribboned, pearled, or sequined caplet can dress up your wedding gown for the venue and wedding service itself, covering your décolletage for the solemn event. Then, when you remove the caplet for the reception, you can show shoulder and cleavage for the party—for a fraction of the price of a second “reception dress”.

Wedding Cape Bridal Cape

The caplet could also be a special coordinating accessory shared between you, as the bride, and another special member of your bridal party: your mother, your maid- or matron-of-honor, or even your flower girl. Choosing a coordinating caplet for them to wear—not as fancy, and smaller, perhaps, but coordinating in style with yours—could be a special way to honor their role on your day, and further tie together your precious wedding photographs.

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