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How to Use a Wedding Hair Vine

July 22, 2017 1 min read

Hair vines, also known as hair chains, are a trendy wedding day accessory to be used with or without a veil, and an economical one, as well, for they can be worn with bohemian clothing styles in the future. How special to be able to later wear to your wedding hair adornment to your friends’ special days, or on dates with your spouse!
Larger vines fasten invisibly with alligator clips, smaller with bobby pins. Some vines that can be woven into your hairstyle, like this crystal piece that is available in either silver or gold, come with an elastic closure, which will also cooperate well with hidden bobby pins.
Gold Wedding Hair VineThe vines can cascade across your hair as their namesakes—a jeweled vine echoing the the prestige of hallowed halls—or can crown you with flowers for a woodland-themed wedding…there are so many imaginative ways this one style can be worn.

We carry hair vines in both pearl, and in rhinestone and crystal. With these different gems, and with different finishes and different leaf shapes, the possibilities are limitless. For example, this antiqued gold piece with crystals can be shaped loosely around your curls, swirled across your updo as in the product image, or arranged from brow to brow in the style of the ancient Greeks.Gold leaf hair vine clip Bridal hair vines are creative, romantic, and practical alternatives to the traditional tiara, and, unlike the tiara, can be played with, so you can change your mind after your purchase! Love the vine, now dislike the hairstyle? What was once a crown can now be a cascade, or a part of the hairstyle itself.