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Veil Cuts and Styles Information

 Here you will find informative descriptions of the different cuts and styles of wedding veils, and standard lengths.

Standard Veil Lengths


Veil Length Chart


Standard Cut Veils

Standard cut wedding veils are the most common cut. They are a great choice for any bride and considered a "safe" choice. The edge of the veil runs up the sides and is gathered into the comb.These veils usually have a teardrop shape but can also be cut with square corners or in a more circular shape. Standard veils are available in one, two or three layers! Look at the images below for examples of standard cut veils in one and two layer styles.



Center Gathered or Circular Veils

Circle cut wedding veils are made from a circular cut of fabric that is gathered in the center only, not along the edges. The edges of the veil are not gathered in the comb and form a circular shape at the bottom of the veil. Since there is less fabric gathered at the comb this style of veils will lay flatter than a standard cut veil.  Circular veils are available in even number layers, typically two but four is also possible.



Drop Cut Veil or Two Tier Mantilla

This style of veil is dramatic and is the sheerest veil. The drop veil is traditionally worn draped over your head, attached flat to a comb (no gathering) or with no comb at all, held in place with a few hair pins. It is a popular veil style right now. Some would consider this style to also be called a two tier mantilla.



Mantilla Veil

This style of veil has become popular again and is an elegant and dramatic look. In this style the comb is attached along the edge of the veil with very little or no gathering. They are typically oval or circle in shape, but can be cut with rounded square corners or in cascading cuts.

Cascading Cuts

These veils are cut so that the sides of the veil fall in a cascading style. They can be worn in any number of layers and create a soft , lovely look.

Rectangular or Handkerchief Cut Veils

This style of veil is similar to center gathered veils except that they are cut into a rectangular shape instead of a circle. The corners are gathered so they hang down the side and center back of the veil.



Other Veil Styles