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February 06, 2019 1 min read

  Most people credit Queen Victoria with being the one to start the trend of wearing white on one’s wedding day. Nope, and we’re about to win that next trivia pub game for you. Her name was Philippa, and she was married almost  500 years before Victoria and Albert, in 1406. Philippa,  known as both Philippa of Lancaster and Philippa of England, was the daughter of Henry IV of England, and she married the fabulously titled Eric of Pomerania, the heir to the Nordic thrones, in the Lund cathedral in Sweden. The trendsetting bride bucked the tradition of royalty wearing lush colors at their wedding, and is known as the first princess in history to wear white. She wore a white tunic-style dress covered by a cloak made of white silk. The cloak was bordered with grey squirrel fur and ermine fur. If you want to emulate Princess Philippa, who was, believe it or not, a power figure in medieval Europe—she ruled and helped unite kingdoms beside her husband, King Eric—yes, we do sell beautiful capes fit for a queen-to-be! (Sorry, no squirrel or ermine.)

Our new capes range in prices from 120.99 to 280.99  and have such features as eyelash lace, vine beading, beaded shoulders, beaded flowers and scattered pearls. A cape can be a glamorous and original replacement for a veil, setting you apart from other brides, and leaving room for your elaborate hairdo and hair jewelry to have their own spotlight. Please check out our new arrivals in hair jewelry as well for examples, and contact us if you have questions!