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Go for the Gold! Rose Gold!

March 06, 2017 2 min read

Rose gold has become the new metallic shade—not just for jewelry, but for your latest gadgets, from your headphones to your phone and your tablet. Rose gold has become such a predominant metal tone for accessorizing our lives that Wired Magazine devoted an entire article to it in their Gear category (Why Everybody and Your Mom is Obsessed with Rose Gold, April 27, 2016, https://www.wired.com/2016/04/everybody-mom-obsessed-rose-gold/).

Rose gold is created by blending a small percentage of silver with copper to 75 percent gold. It actually can claim to be both trendy and vintage: it was first created in 19th century Russia., and was then embraced by Victorian-Era Europe.

The soft tones of rose gold, as opposed to pure gold or bright silver, invokes the balance between warmth and calm and being the boss. Soft and durable in both appearance and makeup, rose gold is stronger than soft pure gold, bolstered by the copper.

So what does Being the Girl Boss and having trendy headphones have to do with your special wedding day? Plenty. Your accessories set the tone: your jewelry frames your face and accentuates your gown; metal and gem embellishments make your veil sparkle and define its shimmering edges from your gown at that just enough glimmer. Your groom’s accessories sharpen his looks and subtly link you together as a package of two, even as you show off your individual choices: cufflinks, lapel pin, earring…Perhaps you both wear the same cufflinks, or one each from two special sets. You wear a stunning sea spray hair vine, and your bride wears a complementary sea-themed hair comb.

Wait…grooms? Isn’t “rose”…pink? Yes, and no. It’s a new pink, a millennial pink, so comfortably unisex for today’s male that it has earned the playful nickname “bros pink”.

Choices for Your Day

We carry rose gold in both hair accessories and jewelry, from the most current of styles to recent vintage: bohemian to Victorian to Grecian-inspired. Rose gold accessories that we offer are appropriate from the most formal of weddings—full-length veils, tiaras—to beach destination and bohemian-themed weddings. Many of these items are 14k gold plated and hand made, accentuated as well with high-quality pearls, rhinestones, cubic zirconias, and crystals. The rose gold will softly reflect the light as the stones capture it. This trendy and timeless metal is available from Cassandra Lynne in headpieces, headbands, clips, combs, hairvines, earrings, necklaces in varying styles, tiaras, crowns, and bracelets, both delicate and coil.

Rose Gold Chandelier Earrings