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The Bohemian Bridal Look

December 15, 2013 1 min read

Bohemian bridal style brings back flowers and re-styles the v-band. Once, a popular style of tiara was made of fabric flowers and tons of pearls, worn in a traditional way or in a v-shape across the forehead known as the v-band. Today this style has been modernized into the Bohemian style. Casual, yet beautiful designs that use lace, pearls and rhinestones, like these lovely bridal headpieces, can be worn in many different ways. The headband is flexible and could be worn in a traditional headband style across the top of your head, across your forehead, or across the back, like wearing a tiara backwards. The clip is small enough it could be worn almost anywhere in your wedding hair-style. The lace is wired and can conform to a suitable shape. A popular way is to clip in the front of your up-do across the side of your forehead for a dramatic look.

These Boho bridal headbands re-style the v-band of years past. A truly unique look for the bride looking for something beyond the traditional tiara. These headbands are constructed in such a way that they can add elegance and beauty to any bridal hair-style because they are far more malleable than the traditional tiara.