How to Use a Bridal Comb

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There are many types of bridal combs and a number of ways to use them. Whether you’re securing your veil or adding some sparkle to an updo, you can’t go wrong with a bridal comb.


What is a Bridal Hair Comb?

Bridal hair combs consist of some sort of adornment and a row of “teeth” that help hold the comb in your hair. These can be used if your hair is up or down, long or short, for the big day. Not to mention you can use them later for an evening out on the town with your significant other. They are often very practical, as they help keep your hair in place for the entirety of your wedding and reception. Bridal combs consist of an assortment of rhinestones, pearls, feathers, crystal, gems, Cubic Zirconia, flowers made of fabric, and even porcelain. Silver shades have been long reining in recent years but gold tones are also an option.




Types of Combs

Beyond the straightforward comb, they can also be used to attach your veil, under a larger hair accessory like a flower, as a head chain or headband, or as a tiara. Head chains and headbands usually have two or more combs to ensure the main section sits securely.





Securing the Comb

There are a number to ways to secure a bridal comb. Some will stay fairly well on their own but you do not want to risk it falling out when you’re in the middle of dancing to “Baby Got Back.” If you’re wearing your hair up for the big day, it should be pretty simple to secure the bridal comb (or combs). Here is a tutorial for some updos using a comb. If it’s lose, you can tease your hair a little, add some well hidden bobby pins or snap clips to secure it. Make sure whatever you secure it with is the same color as your hair.


If you’re wearing your hair down, the easiest way to secure a bridal hair comb is to use elastic hair bands that are the same color as your hair. Choose where you would like your comb to be positioned and then take small sections of hair (about ¼ of an inch) and add elastics to them in a row. Make sure they are even and then slide your comb in behind them. The comb should cover the elastics and hide them nicely. If you’re using a headpiece, you’ll want to add elastics wherever the combs would rest in your hair. That might mean two or three different sections around your head. The number of elastics will depend on how large the comb or combs are.


If you have any ideas you’d like to share for securing a bridal comb, please share in the comments section. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my fabulous selection of bridal hair combs!


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Happy St Patrick's Day Sale

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Presidents' Day Flash Sale!

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Beach Weddings!

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When I got married, I sincerely considered a beach wedding. A romantic getaway with just our closest family and friends sounded like the perfect way to start our marriage. Of course, if you don’t live near a beach, it can be difficult to get everyone to the destination. So, planning is crucial for a successful beach wedding.

Of course you’ll want to scout out locations, which can be a ton of fun! When deciding what beach to have your wedding on, consider what options are available should it rain, airline ticket and hotel costs for your guests, required permits and marriage license timelines, and onsite planning assistance.


Ceremony & Reception Décor

When choosing a color scheme, you may decide to go with a traditional beach theme, like tan and blue, or throw in coral, mint, red, pink, or orange. Feel free to mix it up in this department! For the ceremony, keep it simple and let the sand, water, and your bridal attire do the talking.

When it comes to the ceremony, your décor will first be dictated by whether the event is outside or inside. If outside, keep it natural but throw in pops of color wherever you can. If inside, you can do whatever you want. You may choose to continue with your beach theme or go completely outside the box. Keep in mind the colors you’ve used in your ceremony and bridal party attire though. Don’t forget about the guest book and favors! Get creative with your guest book, choose something like an oar or paddle to for your guests to sign.


Food & Cake

Beach weddings are a great opportunity to use seafood and shellfish as main food items during your reception. Be sure to include a non-seafood option as well. The cake is another opportunity to have a little fun. Figure out what made you love and choose the beach in the first place and try to incorporate that into the cake.


Bridal Attire

For a beach wedding, attire is everything. It sets the tone for the entire wedding. Aside from the excellent beach views, the attire of the bridal party adds color, edge, romanticism, whimsy, and whatever your heart desires. Check out Martha Stewart Weddings for some bridal party attire ideas. For the bride, most wedding dresses are casual, flowing and A-line. There are some beautifully romantic dresses out there that fit that description. You could also go with a shorter dress, a goddess-like dress, or a sexy backless dress.

My (obviously) favorite part of the bride’s head-to-toe look is the accessories. Bridal combs, tiaras, necklaces, oh my! Whether you’re choosing a statement piece like this pearl headband or some gorgeous beach themed accessories like these starfish earrings, you can find the perfect beach accessory on my website. If you really want to make a splash, try this mother of pearl and feather bridal clip. Freshwater pearls are a great way to accent your beach wedding.




For more bridal accessories, check out my beach bling collection or if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

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End of year Sale is coming to an end.

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The Bohemian Bridal Look

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Bohemian bridal style brings back flowers and re-styles the v-band. Once, a popular style of tiara was made of fabric flowers and tons of pearls, worn in a traditional way or in a v-shape across the forehead known as the v-band. Today this style has been modernized into the Bohemian style. Casual, yet beautiful designs that use lace, pearls and rhinestones, like these lovely bridal headpieces, can be worn in many different ways. The headband is flexible and could be worn in a traditional headband style across the top of your head, across your forehead, or across the back, like wearing a tiara backwards. The clip is small enough it could be worn almost anywhere in your wedding hair-style. The lace is wired and can conform to a suitable shape. A popular way is to clip in the front of your up-do across the side of your forehead for a dramatic look.

These Boho bridal headbands re-style the v-band of years past. A truly unique look for the bride looking for something beyond the traditional tiara. These headbands are constructed in such a way that they can add elegance and beauty to any bridal hair-style because they are far more malleable than the traditional tiara.

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Cyber Monday Sale at Cassandra Lynne!

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Save on Monday! If you missed the Black Friday sale don't miss this one, save 20% on Monday December 2 on any purchase!



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